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Applicant tracking software (ATS) is a software application that assists in the recruitment process by selecting the best-suited resume from thousand which companies receive for a specific position.
It allows HR manager to automate all recruiting processes. The information in the database is used for screening candidates, applicant testing, scheduling interview, managing the hiring process, checking references and completing new-hire paperwork.
We can say that recruitment software is the electronic version of the entire hiring process.
The principal task of ATS is that it can quickly give you the information that you need and increase efficiency.

How do Applicant Tracking Software works?

  • Store the information about the applicants such as contact information, experience, educational background, resume, and cover letter.
  • The system allows company recruiters to review the applicants, sends applicants and automated message of receiving the application.
  • The applicant information system allows collaborating with the source i.e. social media resume mails as well as data saved in the storage devices.
  • Hiring managers can schedule interviews and mail rejection through ATS.

How ATS help your business?

  • The Applicant training software helps a business in many ways. The benefits of ATS are the following:
  • The data such as employee profile, their psychological test scores, and all relevant HR data is integrated by the ATS and HR software.
  • By automating tedious and time-consuming recruitment tasks, the ATS helps recruiters reduced the cost incurred per hire.
  • The ATS tracks the information of all candidate with the easy search option and also help in communicating with them by sending interview request, and another communication is also done.
  • With the help of ATS, the recruiters can evaluate and rank applicants and hire the best employee for the organization.
  • With the help of software the employee engagement and career growth, employee development can be done.
  • By centralizing all the candidate information in a single, easy to access database, ATS helps recruiters to make the better hiring decision.
  • The ATS helps to improve the hiring process as better applicants are screened thereby improving the quality of applicants.
  • The lots of time is saved due to automation in scheduling the interviews, shortlisting the potential candidate and matching them with requirements.
  • The ATS helps to generate the real-time customized reports which help the recruiters to monitor recruitment performance.
  • With the inbuilt metrics, employees performance can be evaluated and help the manager to select potential candidates for promotion.

Features of Applicant Tracking Software

The best Applicant tracking software available in India has following features. These are as follows:

  • Social media integration: The software is integrated with social media tools, which facilitates social media recruitment. With the help of social media applicant profile and status are easily tracked.
  • Smartphone integration: Software provides mobile access to job portals and application system. This helps recruiters to find a good number of the candidate.
  • Managing Resumes: ATS collects resumes from emails automatically and uploads emails at one so that it can be enabled to view them together. Good search option is available for candidate profiling.
  • Duplicate data: The ATS can easily detect the duplicate data and duplicate candidate are detected.
  • Online application portals: The applicant tracking software offers ease of use and enables users to directly publish to job boards and search engine.
  • Skills matching expertise: ATS makes the work easier and faster for the manager to identify and contact the candidates for telling them the further process of hiring.
  • Communication: It helps in communicating with clients as mass emails are possible with automated software.
  • Track applicants: The ATS help to track each and every step and also customize the recruitment and selection process. Applicant status can also be checked regarding the progress of hiring.
  • Collaborating Processes: Sharing information about potential applicants with team members is possible and also sharing information internally about the hiring process can be done.
  • Hiring Management: Automatically update the career page on the company website and also on the social media page. Filters are also available which help to email applicants.
  • Analytics: ATS provides the analytics which helps to gather, store, and generate reports which guide recruiters throughout the hiring process.
  • Employee Referral Program: With the help of ATS referral become easy. By setting up a referral program, an employee can easily tell their connection about the open position in a company.

Benefits of using ATS

The ATS software has smoothened the hiring process. The virtual meeting through video conferencing has eased the process. It also helps an organization choose the best talent available in the market by selecting the most suitable resumes for specific vacant job positions. The software flexible in nature and perform many functions such as tracking job opportunities, managing resumes, storing contact details and maintain relevant recruitment database.

  • ATS play a vital role in saving time and huge money spend in the hiring process in the organization.
  • ATS helps in streamline the talent acquisition process by systematically sorting, filtering, and storing recruitment related data.
  • It is fair, transparent, and convenient in nature and informs the candidate at every stage of the procedure.
  • ATS helps to integrate all recruitment channel such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. It is also mobile friendly which helps the hiring teams.

Factor to consider while choosing ATS for business.

  • Cost: The important factor to consider while selecting the best ATS for your business. How ATS will fit your budget. The organization should take care of the implementation fees, training cost, etc.
  • Compliance needs: The ATS should address the compliance need for your firms. So choose that software which must be compliance with the requirement of the business.
  • Demo: It is important to go for a demo while selecting software. During a demo, you should ask a vendor about the details of the software and know the capabilities of the ATS.
  • Customer support: While choosing a software see whether the vendor provides customer support. You should always go for reviews and rating of the software. You can check the review and rating of the software in
  • Career Site Management: Make sure that an applicant tracking software gives the option to quickly and easily update new job posting on your website and also in social media.
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