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TDSMAN is a simple TDS software for filing eTDS returns as per NSDL format. It generates eTDS returns for all Forms & prints all TDS certificates. The software enables eTDS & eTCS return generation for all types of Forms - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It also prints all the TDS, TCS certificates.

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SahiGST is a solution for GST compliance that is designed by experts with immense experience in domains of Taxation and Technology. It covers all types of GST returns and helps businesses be efficient in managing their GST filings & reconciliation.

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TaxRaahi is a platform which targets to make economic life of an individual smooth and easy going. This is an DIY E- filing portal for professionals and businessmen for ITR and TDS return. It automatically submits the tax return with the income tax department.

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As the technology is moving ahead and a chartered accountant has a lot to maintain like taxation, mentor your candidates about the plans, managing all the financial accounts etc. So with the evolution in the technology, chartered accountants have decided to let their work handled by an accounting software. An accounting software helps in planning, managing expenses and allows you to deliver your job in much more easier way.

Features :

  • Project management - Be it any project you can have it perfectly managed. Its expenses, keeping account of its budget and all the profit. You can also check its work progress and have it done as per the days set for the tasks to be completed. With Reach you can manage every project separately without any confusion and you can have budget set apart for each correctly without any miscalculations.
  • Invoicing - Give your company more professional look by converting your bills directly into invoices, and use your logo and tagline as Reach allows you to customize your invoices. You can also choose from 20 different type of invoices.
  • Expense management - Managing expenses for your entire company may seem a tough job to handle but Reach can make it a simple exercise by making it a simple process. Reach updates you with all the expenditures and your budget to match up so you know where and when and for what purpose did the budget used. And you get all the updates in real time so you cannot miss out or go wrong in collecting your accounts.
  • Accounting - Reach Accountant keeps all your accounts in a systematic order and stores it in the cloud with bank level security. So you have no drawbacks like losing your accounts to system crash or any intrusion as it also gives only limited access, so you have a very safe place to store all your accounts. You don”™t always have to access it from your office system and you can access your accounts from anywhere be it at home or your vacation, you will always remain updated with your company”™s accounts.

Benefits :

  • Reliable Advice - When it comes to your finances, you need to know your money is in safe hands – chartered accountants must comply with professional development standards, ensuring their knowledge and skills are always kept up-to-date.Using a chartered accountant gives you the reassurance that the advice you are receiving is both accurate and informed.
  • Highly Regulated - When you work with a chartered accountant you'll benefit from a professionally qualified individual that is bound by a code of ethics and professional standards. Not only will they have certain policies and procedures in place (including quality control procedures, and complaints and disciplinary procedures) they also undergo monitoring of compliance and quality reviews of their professional practice.
  • Integrity - Your accountant will be dealing with your business finances (and likely your personal information too) so you need to have confidence that they can be both trustworthy and discreet. Chartered accountants are bound by a code of ethics to uphold a set of professional principles to put their clients’ interests above their own.
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