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Best College & University management software in India in 2019

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

piHappiness is powerful customer feedback and survey software and captures real-time feedback on the go. It is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-location feedback system capturing customer insights via customizable satisfaction surveys.

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Enterprise, Organization

Chanakya ERP is a multipurpose school/college management software used by many educational institutions.

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Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

iCampusHUB is a multipurpose School management software which is used by lots of educational institutions in Salem, India. for all administration, management and learning related activities. Use iCampusHUB School management Software to manage students, teachers, employees and more..

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Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Manage Food Courts with MULTIPLE COUNTERS Prepaid Debit Card Software for Malls, IT Parks, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Canteens, Night Clubs and Corporate Cafeterias. Prepaid Cards are easy to use and keep sale counters organized

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Personal, Startups

Managing a School can be a tedious job as a lot of activities happen at the same time. In such case, School 365 is your solution as it gives you the edge over any other educational application by bringing all the verticals at one place.

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What is College & University management software?

College and University Management Software is a complete education enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for universities and colleges to mechanize their activities. The university and college management system software is planned for all types of small and large universities and colleges to build, manage, and extend their digital campus.
It enables people, system, and communities to collaborate consistently across campus in an environment which is productive and gives sufficient service delivery and personalized educational experience.  With university management software you can acquire a network where students get the services they request, faculty facilitate teaching, and departmental staff have the information and support to be more effective and viable. It can work productively either as a university management system or a college management system. 
Nowadays everything is going digitalized. This is the major reason as to why the colleges are choosing to take up college management software in order to make the management of staff, professors, and students and external stakeholders life simpler and well-organized.

Buyers depending upon size:

  • For small size: These are designed for a small university or college management system. For small size colleges, it generally consists of 1000-2000 students approximately.
  • For large size: These are designed for large volume or for large universities and colleges. For large size colleges, it generally consists of 5000-above students.

Features among the best college and university software:

The best college and university software features are:

  • Student Enquiries software: There are a lot of students who are looking for new colleges or universities for admission. The potential students would try to get in touch with the college. This could either be for admission or for enquiry. The Student enquiry system that will keep track of all phone calls made to the admission office.
  • Entrance Test & Merit Lists: Admitting students into a college or a University involves meeting certain required requirements among which takes up an entrance and scoring well is a basic requirement. Through the Entrance test and merit list software, you will be able to track the scores and check the eligibility criteria in an instant. This will further help you to identify the students of merit for whom you could offer scholarships on behalf of your college.
  • Institute Accounting Software: Accounting is not an easy process. You need accounting for required purposes as well as to ensure that you are spending within the budget. Good college management software helps in organizing the records in sequence and manages your expenses efficiently and effectively.
  • Students attendance System: The most important aspect of managing an educational institution is to ensure that the students are attending the classes properly and have the requisite attendance to be eligible to sit for exams. There is no point in running an institution if the students do not attend classes. The high-quality College management software is endowed with a system that will help to track the attendance across various classes.
  • Staff Management Software: Managing Staff members include managing the salary of staff members of an institute, ensuring that they take regular classes, and keeps track of their attendance, staff leaving and joining the institute and their salary details and disbursal. Managing this complicated matter is made simple with College and University Management Software.
  • Library Management Software: With library management software, you not only keep track of the books that are issued and returned but it also helps you to keep track of the need of books, and the types of books that are essential to make it the best library.
  • Transport management software: Transportation software is designed to help you efficiently and cost-effectively manage your day-to-day needs and offers fully integrated service delivered as a cloud computing. It is adopted by many colleges as this software makes sure that students can get to where they wish to go. You can keep track of buses from time to time.

Benefits of the top college and university management software:

The benefits of the top college and university management software are:

  • Enrolment: Enrolment and admission procedure are made easy. Documents and online submission form gives an advantage to the institution over others.
  • Course Finder: Students and parents can search the course they are looking for with all the information on the course curriculum.
  • Lab Manager: It serves as a hub for all lab equipment. The timings of the lab, a list of equipment, and lab manuals make it easy and simple.
  • Communication: College Management Software can be used by the institutes for convenient interactions between the teachers, students and parents through email, blogs, messages and many more. College news and events can be updated easily.
  • E-Learning: With digital learning, students can make use of the site as a hub for information with various e-journals, e-books and study materials that are available online.
  • Career Finder: This allows the student to look for jobs and placements and keep track of the changing trend in the job market.
  • Cloud-enabled: The college management system allows you to store as much content as you want. With cloud computing, you are able to store videos, blogs, stories, pictures and other information which has altered the data storage.

Market Trends followed :

  • Cloud-based software - Most of the colleges and universities have started using cloud computing services to store the data and information. This has made it possible for them to access the data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Mobile Learning - Mobile applications are gaining popularity across the board, and college management is no exception. Studies have also shown that learning digitally enhances the remembering power in students.
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