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Best Courier management software in India in 2019

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Agencies, Enterprise, Personal, Startups

Logistics Management Software from Sagar Informatics is a state-of-the-art product that helps manage all the logistics requirements for offshore drilling and production. This logistics software solution allows the businesses to handle the unique demands of a nationwide delivery management process.

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It works in multiuser environment. You have to redesign the shipment status seperately in your site, the product does it on few clicks on mouse. eztrack is produced for Domestic & International Shipping, Logistics, Cargo, Transport, and Courier organizations.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Zepo Couriers lets you tackle your eCommerce shipping woes with a single dynamic platform. Having partnered with multiple courier providers in India.

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Trucksuvidha is a leading portal for the transport industry. Connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities. Simplicity, speed and efficiency drive your business and this is our focus as well.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Personal, Startups

Easytracking is powerful application for courier Industry. It is a completely integrated software package developed exclusively for the courier industry.

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Courier Software is used for the delivery purpose of small and meduim size portable goods, documents and mail. It offers a system to place and track delivery orders. Smooth delivery of the package is facilitated by the modules of courier management software for delivery schedules, online vehicle tracking, package labelling, barcode generation, online payment. Moreover, a courier software is feasible for both air service as well as surface service( water and land ways).

To qualify for inclusion in the Courier category, a product must have following:

  • Offer dispatching services for delivery businesses
  • Provide best routing information to the drivers who are doing the delivery
  • Inform customers of expected arrival times from GPS tracking of packages



  • Parcel Management -  Maintain a database of parcels in possession for delivery. Assign barcodes to the items being delivered so that, they can easily be identified with a barcode scanner.
  • Branch Management - If your courier business has multiple branches, then this module will assist you in managing them all inside out. You can manage freight rate as per different branches, set pickup and delivery centres.
  • Location Management - A courier company targets different locations to collect the package and dispatch the same. The location management module of a courier software helps you in organizing where it is made. 
  • Barcode Generation - You can generate a unique barcode number for each parcel. This barcode is an individual tracking number also known as  Air Way Bill (AWB) number. Not only it helps in locating the shipment assigned to the driver but also helps to retrive the details of the sender and the reciver of the parcel. 
  • Pickup & Delivery Schedule - Customers will be able to view both pickup and delivery schedule of the package. They will have entire information including date, time and locations.
  • Reporting - With new predefined reports being added constantly. A complete real time concern with the various delivery of the product can be fetched easily by the use of this software. These reports can also be saved as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, web pages or text files.

Types of buyers:

  • Small business - These buyers work for small businesses moving beyond manual calendars and paper-based delivery orders. They want to add delivery management capabilities to automate tedious manual processes and remove human error from their operation.
  • Direct business - These buyers work for delivery organizations that have common services on contact businesses. They are looking to switch to a new system to achieve greater operational efficiency and stay ahead of the competitor.
  • Enterprise business - These buyers work for large organizations, who have multiple fleet of drivers for this business. 


  • It improves overall efficiency of any business - To have a good position in the business market, one must provide best services to their customers. Courier Company Software includes courier mode, your dispatch timings, pickup timings and delivery date, for best user experience . 
  •  Automate and Improve Many Aspects of Customer Service - This software helps to keep a track of the calls, made by the customer who are accessing any the various online sevices through a web portal.
  • Reduce official duties and other human efforts - This will help in automatic generation of reports thereby saving the expericences, being given to management staffs.  You will be able to have your report automatically generated and you may save your money which you were giving to your management staff. This report can be sent via e-mail to respective email accounts.

Potential issues faced :

  • Last Mile Issue - The last mile issue exists throughout the supply chain industry. It is the final stage of transporting a good to its end destination. It is the most inefficient leg of the entire shipping journey and is a hurdle that any courier business must deal with. 
  • Administration Automation -  Administrative optimization is a benefit of courier software, but issues can crop up if the implemented courier software does not automate tasks like receipt and invoice storage, shipping regulation adherence and workforce coordination.
  • Accurate Delivery Communication -  The software’s communication methods, whether it is through an integrated handheld/mobile device or a web portal.It needs to be automated,easy to use and easy to access and automated. Users of courier software should be on the lookout for automated messaging and updating.

Market Trends:

  • Mobile apps - Courier software has always made sure to integrate with mobile devices and phones to better track and guide their couriers along their route. Instead of just GPS tracking, courier-specific mobile applications provide couriers with a real-time database of customer, package, and inventory information. 
  • Internet of things (IoT) - This technology helps to connect organizations and gathers valuable data in an organized and effective manner. The data gathered by these IoT capabilities can unlock newfound operational efficiencies for businesses to cut operational costs and better serve customers.
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