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Best Dairy Industry software in India in 2019

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Logic Enterprise is a Total Integrated ERP Software Solution that facilitates organizational Process related to Production, Sales and Distribution, Retailing and service & repair oriented business

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provides best gst software solutions

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Dairy Farm Management Software is useful to keep complete database of all the animals in our farm with their feed requirements, medication breeding cycles etc. It is capable of producing various reports required efficient management of animal husbandry farm. One of the important reports includes "Da

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MilkMax is an excellent Farm-to-Home delivery service provided by our committed to provide you 100% pure cow milk fresh from our own farm, unlike other milk companies which source milk from various farms and storing it for many days before it reaches you. As there is no middleman in process and sour

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Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection Software) provides a comprehensive solution to digitize the farmers and rural areas of India. The milk collection software automates the conventional milk collection and procurement process followed by the Dairy Industry.

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WS Dairy ERP is designed for Milk Processing Centres, Chilling Centres and Collection Centre to cover a wide range of Diary administration and management processes.

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Milk accounting software is widely used to record the data regarding collection of milk and financial transaction carried under the operation The software can be used in dairy firm in rural areas too. The dairy software is highly in demand for its advantages of easy to install and precise & fast cal

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What is a dairy software?

The dairy industry is a business venture set up for the harvesting or processing (or both) of animal milk – from cows or goats, and also from buffaloes, sheep, horses, or camels. A dairy is situated on a dairy farm or in an area of a multi-purpose farm that is concerned with milk production and processing.
The Dairy Industry Software comprehends the performance management, process control, quality, product safety, yield and risk management challenges of the dairy industry. It is necessary to keep a complete database of all the animals on our farm with their feed necessities, medication breeding cycles etc. It is capable of producing various reports required for efficient management of animal husbandry farm. One of the significant reports incorporates Everyday task report which gives an idea regarding all the works to be done each day. For fertility cycles of animals, the alert feature is been used.
Their fundamental point was to produce more, better and less expensive milk. 
The dairy industries can be classified into two major segments-

  1. Medium and large farms- production and processing- This includes farms of animal operation from 10 to 1000. They need dairy software to better manage the livestock, feed procurement, staff salary, inventory of consumable, accounts of customers. If they are involved in milk processing, they need additional features in the software for the conversion of raw materials to finish dairy products.
  2. Large cooperatives- Private or Govt.-
  • Size of Industry - More than 10 million dairy farmers belong to 96000 local dairy co-operatives who sell their product to one of 170 milk producer's unions.
  • Geographical distribution - Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Gujarat, Surat, Lucknow, Bihar, Hyderabad.
  • Output per annum - Growing 5% per annum
  • Market Capitalization- The industry contributes about Rs.115970 crores to the national economy. 

The collection centres are going digital because milk is a perishable item and real-time data of stock, the temperature of the milk, etc is needed for better planning of the milk processing industry. There is a lot of logistics involved including cold chain, hence an advanced dairy management software can give better control in this complex operation and give analytics to the management of the industry.

Features among the best dairy software:

The best dairy software features are:

  • Stock Management - Captures precise amount, fat and Solids-not-fat (SNF) of milk in real-time and automatically calculates payment of the farmer which improves transparency.
  • Fat - Milk societies can collect more milk in less time as the milk fat and SNF are determined naturally, accelerating the milk collection procedure.
  • Accounting - Data management is dependable and proficient as bank transactions are precisely maintained due to direct payment.
  • Milk Collection - Speeds up the whole procedures, along these lines decreasing the deterioration of milk. Wait time for the farmer's decreases from 45 to 10 minutes
  • Quantity - The diary software is highly in demand for its advantages of easy to install and precise & quick computation.

Benefits of the top dairy software:

Benefits of top dairy software:

  • Good accounting and fewer losses thereby higher revenue – Dairy software helps you control your receivables, better manages your stock thereby reducing losses due to wastage.
  • Record maintenance - Easy access to historical data.
  • Technological service - Fat testing using Milk-o-Tester (a user-friendly instrument for the measurement of milk fat).

Potential Issues faced:

  • Availability of trained operator to use the software in rural areas.
  • Trust issue by the farmers in cooperatives on the reliability of data from the software.
  • Internet connectivity issues in rural areas for cloud-based dairy software.

Market trends followed:

  • Broadband for all Rural collection Centre - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports through email – location-wise, vendor-wise, capacity- wise Community Milking Parlours and solutions Easy to use, integrated, Internet-based AMCU (Acute Multi Care Unit).
  • Dairy Digital- Since milk is a food item, it requires a lot of compliances and audits. Thus, the digital data from milk procurement to milk processing to milk and milk product distribution can help a dairy industry to maintain all such records which can be produced during such audits.
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