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In this era of hi-tech demands from clients an ideal clinic management software is the need of the hour. Practo Ray is the shortcut to enhanced success in dental practice management software. Practo is the total management softaware which helps in well management of the clinicals.

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Organization, Personal

Reckon Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a solution provider for the application based software founded by an executive team of industry veterans that bring broad experience in technology, sales, marketing and executive leadership. We have our own software development center and we have developed software in diffe

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

Logic-Pharma-Rx is complete software solution is specially designed for pharmaceutical. It provides comprehensive solution for Chemist the best-selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of Chemist.

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The software for doctors enables to reduce paperwork by creating intelligent digital patient case sheets, which enables efficient patient registration, medical billing, appointment scheduling and updating of medical records.

Doctors have one of the most stressful jobs in the world – building up treatment plans, attending to patients, charting, administrative work and keeping up with the latest advances in medical technology. Doctors are our miracle workers on Earth and sure seem to have their hands full at all given times! However, with the advent of modern technology encompassing all aspects of life, it is no surprise that there are a number of time-saving convenient software for doctors.

Features :

  • Electronic Prescribing - With e-prescribing, there is no longer a need for the doctor to write the instructions to the pharmacy on paper. The information is all stored and transmitted electronically. This is vastly more efficient than the old-fashioned system. While the patient is getting ready to leave (such as making a follow-up appointment on the way out), the staff instantly transmits the RX information to the pharmacy. It can be processed by the pharmacy staff while the patient is on route. This saves the patient from having to wait in line to get the needed medication. It benefits your practice and patients because e-prescribing allows for more accurate prescriptions, with no worry about misinterpreting handwritten details. What’s more, patient safety improves, because the system will alert you if there is a contraindication with the new prescription and the medications the patient is currently taking.
  • Patient Portal - A patient portal is an electronic system that runs on standard desktop and laptop computers as well as being accessible by the patient’s smartphone or tablet while on the go. It provides a number of time-saving conveniences including appointment requests where patients can request an appointment from the comfort of their home by signing into the portal.
  • Voice Recognition - Voice recognition involves a sophisticated software system that records audio as people speak and then instantly understands what they are saying, translating the sounds into text on the computer screen. It’s come to be an essential part of medical software packages used in today’s practices. When you consider the way we used to draft notes and then have an assistant type them into the patient’s records, or have the physician dictate notes to be transcribed by an outside transcription team, voice recognition is a much more convenient way to handle this data input. With speech recognition, the physician can use a range of voice commands to enter the data. Doctors can also use the mouse, keyboard, or touch screen if that is preferable in any situation, of course. Voice recognition boosts your practice’s efficiency, because it will cut down on errors that are associated with bad handwriting. It also saves you time, since you no longer have to wait for the transcription service to return the work to you.

Benefits :

  • Cost reduction
  • Providing precise, up-to-date & complete data about patients
  • Efficient scheduling
  • No paper-work
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