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Best Garments software in India in 2019

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Organization, Personal

Reckon Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a solution provider for the application based software founded by an executive team of industry veterans that bring broad experience in technology, sales, marketing and executive leadership. We have our own software development center and we have developed software in diffe

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

Logic-AFS-Distribution is complete software solution for Apparel & Footwear, the bestselling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of retailer. It provides comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchase, order manag

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Enterprise, Organization, Startups

LOGIC APPAREL RETAIL is complete software solution for apparel & footwear, the best-selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of retailer. It provides comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchase, order manage

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

One-stop solution suitable for Apparel, Textile, Clothing, Garment, Readymade garment point of sale systems with intelligent features such as unique barcoding, quick stock taking with PDA.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Apparel is an immense.X-Fashion comes with easy-to-setup product categories, item classification (size, color, design, and price), flexible and unique bar-code generation. It is a complete end to end solutions right from procurement or production till Point-of-Sale, ensuring that the right things ar

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

Muniji ERP is the only successful Garment Production Accounting software with a vast experience of more than 25 years and over 4 digit satisfied clients. The software covers the 4 most important garment manufacturing process, Production, Accounting, Taxation, and Inventory.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization

Apparel is a Perfect Suite that automates the entire operations of the garment manufacturing process with seamless integration at all levels and web enabled.

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Agencies, Enterprise

Acme Insight is comprehensive software, specifically made for the Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors by considering all the complexities of their business

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Sellacious provides Open Source Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

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What is Garment management software?

The Garment Industry is an ever-growing industry, so many people have started entertaining in this garment's business. Every garment industry faces the common problem that is poor proper management of inventory which leads to disturbing accounts. There is a major issue of managing stocks as per seasons, thus extra management is required as there are many categories like brand, colour, size, price etc.
Garments Management System handles all the requirements for simple Garments Management and it is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Customers.
This software helps in storing the data for regular operations and future analysis and it also structuralizes the activities and maintains data transparency when needed.

Features of top garment management software:

The top garment software features are:

  • Customer Management
  • Email Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Location Supplier and Purchase Order Management
  • Search Option
  • Vendor Management
  • SMS Integration
  • Accounting and tax filing

Types of Buyers:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - Original equipment manufacturers produce items that are used to complete other company’s end-products. OEM apparel industries need ERP software that can assist with stock management, forecasting and make-to-stock and purchase-to-stock workflow management and planning.
  • Apparel Buying House - Buying houses serve as intermediaries between apparel manufacturers and retailers and can have special ERP requirements. They often have lengthy lists of clients with varying contracts and agreements and sometimes require ERP systems with an emphasis on customer relationship management or CRM.
  • Apparel retailer - While retailers don’t typically need very advanced ERP functionality, they do have unique inventory management challenges. Their size and colour matrices are often relatively complex and their stock and purchase orders need to be managed with a larger degree of flexibility. They will also seek systems they can easily integrate with Point of Scale(POSs) and web-portals, helping provide up-to-date stock information to both brick-and-mortar customers and employees, with customers using their branded mobile app and making online purchases.

Benefits of best garment management software in India:

The benefits of the best garment management software in India are:

  • Purchase Cross Check
  • Re-Order Management
  • Maintain an accurate inventory making orders and deliveries easier
  • Keep on top of the bank balance
  • Keep a track on receipts and payments
  • Quickly chase outstanding debts
  • Plan cash flow and monitor actual against forecast positions Interpret business and trading conditions
  • Provide business information to back up requests for finance

 Potential Issues and their Solutions :

  • Wrong entry in the software - As we know that garments have many variants and inventory management is a complex affair. any wrong entry of size, colour, etc may lead to wrong stock planning or wrong ordering. normally, the barcoding technique is used for faster data entry and error-free entry. however, the barcode is taken from the box in which there is a possibility that different garment is stored. hence it is suggested to physically check the SKU(Stock keeping unit) regularly to avoid errors and wrong entries.
  • Manual data entry or tedious tasks - As your company expands, your employees will become busier than ever before. Manual data entry and procedure will become even more prone to errors and time-consuming when carried out on a larger scale. The employee feeding the data through the keyboard reduces the amount of time spent on manual data entry.
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