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piHappiness is powerful customer feedback and survey software and captures real-time feedback on the go. It is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-location feedback system capturing customer insights via customizable satisfaction surveys.

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Organization, Personal

Reckon Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a solution provider for the application based software founded by an executive team of industry veterans that bring broad experience in technology, sales, marketing and executive leadership. We have our own software development center and we have developed software in diffe

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Organization, Personal

We are enhancing Hospital & Patient care System as well as Hospital Management will crystal clear Input & Output via an excellent user-friendly multi-user software.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

Aarogya is a hospital Management Software helps to safeguard the flow of information coming across. It provides for efficient decision making for general hospital management, streamlining financial accounts and patient care. It can be tailor made as per one’s requirements.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

SkyVF is Hospital ERP which built for Clinic, Hospital & IVF management. Developed by the team of experienced doctors & IT Experts. And came up with best HMS system ever for Hospital Industry with lots of very useful features for Admins as well as users.

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Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

An Hospital Information and Management System which is EMR Centric, Fully Integrated, Web based, Cloud enabled solution made on Open Source technologies

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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

We’re a global health care Information Technology company that helps health care verticals in delivering enhanced patient care, optimized resource management and information management, resulting in measurable business value to our clients.

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What is hospital management software?

The hospital management software is a customized application intended to take into account the complex business requirements of a hospital, nursing home and healthcare institutions in monitoring inpatient, outpatient, specialist availability, medical billing, and so forth. These are highly specialized software intended to deal with all aspects of a hospital operation. A central database system works with different platforms like sales, billing, accounting, customer-care etc. to create a complete, integrated environment that produces results in real time.
Hospital management software is a complete tool that manages all aspects of the administrative, managerial, database, and marketing of a hospital to allow them to serve better.

Features among the best hospital management software:

The hospital management software features are:

  • Hospital software has a centralized database that can store information and data related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors and check availability of beds, inventory, doctor charges, laboratory equipment, scheduling of doctor's appointment and, etc.
  • Many vendors provide fully configured and customized software tools that can be modified and upgraded according to the client needs.
  • Point-Of-Sale and billing application checks accurate and efficient billing in no time. Account management manages all purchases, expenses, payments done by the staffs and patient’s family.
  • Maintains proper medical and other records and thus, facilitates documentation. MIS reports can be customized and it can graphically analyse the reports.
  • Helps in maintaining transparency at every level of operation.
  • It offers a multi-user facility which verifies that multiple users can access the hospital billing software simultaneously.
  • It manages the availability of doctor system and scheduling appointment.
  • Multiple user accessibilities for efficient all-around performance.
  • Laboratory management is a module is used to the pathology in recording and disseminating the info related to performed tests.
  • Pharmacy management manages the entire pharmacy store and is linked to the main billing. It also manages stock and oversees drug distribution and avoid incorrect distribution of medication.
  • Consultation management categories the patient’s visit as existing/new for that consultant and it tracks the consultant fee for patient visits and also the procedure.
  • The balance sheet is the critical aspect and it helps the owners to make a better decision for the future. 
  • Some other features like dietary management, blood bank management, ambulance service management, nursing and ward management, bed census management, Operation theatre scheduling and management, housekeeping and laundry management, causality and emergency management, etc.

A hospital management system helps in managing all the areas of a hospital such as medical, financial, administrative, inventory and the other processing services. In other application, a Hospital Information System (HIS) is a complete, integrated information system planned to manage all the aspects of a hospital's operation.

Types of Buyers:

  • Primary care MDs/DOs and related specialists: This type of clinics offers practices that provide internal medicine, family medicine, paediatrics, cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, urology etc.
  • Small hospitals: This type of hospitals require beds ranging from 5-50 approx.
  • Mid-sized hospitals: This mid-size hospital requires beds ranging from 50-100 approx.
  • Large Hospitals: This has evolved into large hospitals and acute care centre that need inpatient care functionality. This manages patient rooms/beds and assigns nurse and physician rounds. This type of hospitals requires beds ranging from 100-500 approx.

Benefits of top hospital management software: 

The benefits of the top hospital management software are:

  • Easy claim processing: Online claims processing for cashless patients becomes much easier with the use of E-Claims.
  • Improved Services: Web portals provide services such as online appointment scheduling, patient lab /visits reports view.
  • Increased Data Security & Retrieval ability: Many data points during a patients treatment are generated like his symptom, medicines, test reports, follow up etc. these all data points are confidential and personal information and there is always a risk if it stole on paper or on excel sheets. Also, these data need to be retrieved as in when required. Also, the software gives improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness. It ensures data security and prevents the misuse of information. 
  • Improved Patient Care: Efficient and correct administration of finance, the diet of the patient, engineering, and distribution of medical aid. It helps to view a broad picture of hospital growth.
  • Data up-to-date: It stores documents in real-time and the data is up-to-date frequently.
  • Reporting management: It is another important feature of the management software as it produces different types of accounting and other reports.
  • Transparency and integration: This feature offers transparency and integration between different departments and makes sure that it functions smoothly in a complex hospital environment.
  • Better clinical decision making: A good-quality hospital management system make sure that operational and clinical decision-making process is efficient, accurate and fast.

Potential Issues faced:

  • A system for better patient care is a little difficult to handle unless a trained staff operates it.
  • Providing Management Information System (MIS) reports on demand to management for better decision making, it is important for the operator to choose the right fields before designing the MIS.
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