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Best IVRS-Interactive Voice Response software in India in 2019

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Personal, Startups

MyOperator is a cloud-based business phone system providing solutions like virtual phone numbers (toll free/non-tollfree), IVR, call management features like call tracking, call recording, live call transfer, callers' database, virtual receptionist and more.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Startups

Knowlarity SmartIVRK continue and operates from the world's most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail over, verbosity, backup and auto-scaling.You might take a vacation but SmartIVR never will.

Suitable For:
Enterprise, Startups

Exotel is a business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for you Business. You can set up an efficient call routing/management/recording system in 5 minutes of cloud telephony device.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

YOCC- Your Own Call Centre gives you the power to base your entire cloud communication system on an automated, single number that supplies correspondingly to unlimited extensions, without any hindrances benefited by cloud telephony.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

Solutions Infini is the leading Cloud Communication provider across the globe. Started as a Messaging Solutions provider only to spread our wings to various segments like Voice, APIs and Email.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Personal, Startups

Our voice platform comes with a wide range of product and services which helps to automate any business process and leverage maximum advantages of cloud telephony. Discover the power of cloud telephony. Get all communication solution under one roof.

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What is Cloud Telephony & IVRS management software?

Cloud telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is an automated communication system which plays a vital role in interacting with the callers, gathering data from them and recording the data and then routing the calls to the relevant receivers. This is actually is not a person but a call management system which works as an office assistant. When the users create and make their own IVRS, it is termed as cloud telephony.

IVRS infographics
Cloud telephony refers to the services offered in the IVR system like voice services and replaces the business telephone equipment, like PBX with third-party VoIP services. It is simple to use or make or receive a call, disconnect or pause a call, play the audio file, and transfers the call to the relevant person and engage in call conferencing.
Cloud enables voice as well as data communication through applications and services by hosting them on services owned and maintained by providers, making it cost effective for customers to interact with them without any hurdle. An IVR System (IVRS) acknowledges a combination of voice telephone inputs and touch-tone keypad selections and gives the proper responses in the form of voice, fax, call back, email and other reliable contact techniques. Hence, the combination of cloud telephony software and IVR system permits serving the diverse population at a single time and increase the efficiency of a business.

Features among the top IVRS software:

The key features of the top IVRS software are:

  • Collect Callers information - IVRS caller response and add them to the caller’s contact history. This enables callers to get customized service from the operators who answer their call.
  • Single access number- The number is not personally used by the employee but it is retained by the business. This ensures the consistency in business communication without any hindrance and the company does not need to promote multiple numbers.
  • No set-up cost- There is no maintenance cost involved and the installation of the software is simple, and you don’t need to buy additional hardware.
  • Call tracking- It helps in maintaining accountability in business and track the details like details of the caller, time of the call, and reason for the call.
  • Self-Service - IVRS can be utilized to help route callers to proper resources. This function of IVRS smoothens the process of information gathering for callers.
  • Prioritize Callers - IVRS enables organizations to flag VIP customers and prioritize them in the queue. This enables the most high-esteem clients to get the best services possible.
  • Increase efficiency- IVR software is a highly efficient way to direct and re-route calls between different people, departments and teams by guiding the caller to choose the option to press that number. This helps the employees to respond effectively.
  • Call transfer- It is the basic feature of any kind of business communication. It is redirected to the right person or the department then the client queries are responded.
  • Service providers- It should have to call features and call handling features so that it can support up to 100 calls simultaneously.
  • Round-the-clock- If the staff is not present in the office then also the communication is so built that it saves all the calls that are made during off-hours. With this feature, the customer doesn’t have to call again and again.
  • Reduce operational expenses- IVRS acts as a kind of quiet worker, routing callers without the need to hire an operator to do so.
  • Increase First-Call resolution - A powerful IVRS routes callers to the most proper specialist, making it simple for their request to be handled effectively and without transfers. 

Types of Buyers:

  • Sales - IVRS empowers clients to take care of sales order forms with the phone keypad. The PC at that point sends the submitted form to the authorized salesperson.
  • Marketing - Marketers can use IVRS to convey out surveys to check enthusiasm for a product or service.
  • Medical Records - Doctors can utilize an IVRS to interpret notes and patient records and have a duplicate copy of the deciphered records sent to the workplace.
  • Banking - Banking institutions depend on IVRS for client engagement and to extend business hours to 24/7 operation. This type of banking enables clients to check balances and transaction histories and also help clients to make payments and transfers.
  • Insurance, Travel agents, hotels, restaurants, SaaS-based companies, and other B2C model organizations.

Benefits of best IVRS software:

The Key Benefits of best IVRS Software are:

  • Cost Reductions - By offering automated access and voice recognition options, companies do not have to invest as many resources into their call centre. The cloud telephony is ideal for small and medium-sized and at a lower cost than VoIP infrastructure. 
  • Better Call Segmentation - When live support is necessary, IVRS makes it easier to direct callers to the most appropriate department.
  • Superior Analytics - Companies use the data to improve their services and allocate resources wherever it is needed.
  • Increased revenue - This technology allows customers to interface with their business 24X7 — no matter where they are.
  • Happier Customers - This technology does not simply help your business but it also benefits your customers.
  • Integration- The functions related to telephony are integrated with computer applications without worrying about telecom technology.
  • Tracking- This facility helps in case one need to monitor the source from where the caller gets a contact number.

Potential Issues:

  • Internet connection is a must to access files so if the connection is slow or there are problems with the connectivity, it will affect the efficiency and productivity.
  • Cloud telephony still exists on a physical server and this location of the server is significant since it must submit to the national laws of the country.

Market Trends in IVRS and call management software in 2019 followed:

As you evaluate IVRS software packages, consider these current market trends:

  • The worldwide interactive voice response market is fragmented based on solution, technology, service, application, deployment, vertical, organization size, and regions. The solutions that are offered in the IVRS software include call routing, outbound and self-service.
  • Technologies used in IVRS incorporate touch-tone based, Text to Speech. Services offered in the IVRS market incorporate training & education, maintenance & support and installation. Deployment of IVRS can be done on Cloud and On-premise.    
  • SaaS-based model depending upon the number of users- There is a flexibility that as you grow in business accordingly you can pay for the number of users.
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