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Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

We’re a global health care Information Technology company that helps health care verticals in delivering enhanced patient care, optimized resource management and information management, resulting in measurable business value to our clients.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

MocDoc HMS digitises all transactions, documents, medical records in Hospitals and Clinics eliminating paper work altogether and provides an online platform that connects General Public with Doctors providing real time, authentic information relevant to their need.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Automation of Lab Reporting Minimize Human errors in reporting Workflow optimization NABL Compliant HL7 Compatible Reliable, Scalable, Configurable and Secured Compatible for integration with both Semi and Fully Automatic Analyzers Integrated with Web portal and Mobile Apps.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

A simple to use Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management software for Clinics and Clinical Software Chains. Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessible, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

QuaLIS is an enterprise scale Web based Lab information management software in India. QuaLIS’s integrated design helps in covering complete processes of laboratory. The solution is agnostic to server platform OS, database and client Platform. You can run QuaLIS in both Linux and Windows platform.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Startups

eLab is comprehensive lab software. It makes your Laboratory report generation and accounts management job much simpler and quicker. eLab maintains patient records with accurate reports and facilitate to access patient reports very fast. eLab pre-configured with more than 350+ tests from different d

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What is laboratory management software?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), is software with features that supports a modern lab operation. It allows you to successfully manage samples and related data. Using Lab management software, your lab can mechanise workflows, integrate tools, and manage samples and related data and information. In addition, you can produce reliable results more adequately to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Features among the best lab management software:

The lab management software features are:

  • Lab project management- It creates and manages lab project workflows of samples through standard procedures and methods. It permits you to capture data for audits and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Inventory and Storage management- With the help of sample and container tracking, locations audit logs, etc you can easily manage stock supply and reagents and reorder alerts.
  • Electronic document management- With the help of links, the file can be associated with any object within LIMS. It contains documents ranging from raw data to final study reports.
  • Data tracking- It helps in data workflow and data tracking support which enables the wastage of time for the purpose of searching the reports.
  • Flexible- This software should have a flexible architecture that means you can store every important aspect of the lab in an organized manner. 
  • Data exchange- In the data exchange interfaces, the people in different pathology departments can exchange their data, information and reports which leads to instant transfer.  
  • Security- Control data access and can easily track changes that are made in the data, documents or the systems.
  • Customized reporting- Reports can be customized for any data. Export reports automatically to excel, word, PowerPoint, PDF.
  • High throughput screening (HTS)- It can be beneficial for automation, collection, validation of data and generation of automatic alerts.

Types of buyers:

  • Small independent medical labs - They are likely looking to install medical lab software in an effort to grow their customer base. Their primary requirement is to mechanize the process of data storage and stock management.
  • Growing small medical practices - These practices are upgrading basic systems, such as Electronic Health Record (EHRs) and practice management solutions to more robust medical systems that support additional functions. 
  • Large practices, clinics and hospitals - These buyers need the service of a full EHR suite that includes medical lab management service. For this type of buyers, coherent integration is usually more important than specific features.
  • Speciality buyers - These buyers are focused on specific features that suit their speciality. For instance, speciality-specific clinical laboratories, life sciences companies and medical pathology labs require systems that offer a database of common terms used in their lab tests that are specific to their speciality.

Benefits of top lab management software in India:

The benefits of top lab management software in India are:

  • Business Growth: Modern LIMS come equipped with Management Information Systems that make financial, operational, inventory, reports and tests available in various formats. This is useful in making strategic decisions regarding lab operations and designing customer attractive packages.
  • Consumption-based Inventory Alert: The inventory module in Lab Information Management Systems can automate purchases of chemicals and consumables for testing purposes. Automated purchase is possible through predictive reordering and expiration alerts. 
  • Increased goodwill: the increased correctness and accuracy can lead to increase goodwill among the customers and market value of the laboratory.
  • Faster transaction and transfer: There is a common interface for information and data transfer.
  • Inventory management: this feature checks the availability of an adequate amount of inventory and stock at the right time and at right place.

Market Trends followed:

  • Smooth integration - Most of the medical lab management systems, encourages simple, easy and secure sharing and transferring of data.
  • Preference for cloud-based software - Many buyers, especially from smaller operations, franchisee based labs also prefer medical lab software that operates in the cloud, as they require minimal hardware and lower upfront costs—sometimes no cost. 
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