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Best Library Management Software in India in 2019

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Chanakya ERP is a multipurpose school/college management software used by many educational institutions.

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iCampusHUB is a multipurpose School management software which is used by lots of educational institutions in Salem, India. for all administration, management and learning related activities. Use iCampusHUB School management Software to manage students, teachers, employees and more..

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What is Library Management Software?

Library Management is a software that manages the entire library through simple, easy and interactive interface – LMS (Library Management Software). Library Management Software monitors all the books that are issued, returned and the books which are added to the library. It provides information on any book present in the library to the user as well as a staff member.

library management

Using LMS, the custodian can deal with essential housekeeping elements of a library, for example, storing all the library thing subtleties like author name, edition, price, and so on of the considerable number of books in a library database.  Library Management Software is efficient, user-friendly, fast, simple and secure. With library management software feature, you not only monitor the books that are lent and returned but it also helps you to track the need of books, and the types of books that are necessary to make it a perfect library.

The software consists of modules that are integrated on the home page are:

  • Acquisition: Book orders, receipt and invoices related to quotations, acquisition and purchase of items. 
  • Catalogues: Classification and index of materials stocked.
  • Circulation: Materials offered and their receipt.
  • Serial tracking: Journals, Periodicals, Magazines and Newspapers that are subscribed and need to follow them on day by day/week after week/month to month basis.
  • Interface Usage: Checking on the software updates.

Buyers depending upon size :

  • For small size school library: These require a small no. of staff members to manage the library management system with a range between 1000-2000 approx.
  • For large size public library: These are designed for high volume or for large size public library with a range of 5000 and above.

Benefits of best library management software:

The benefits of the best library management software are:

  • Catalogue creation and management: The hardest part of the system that needs consideration and time from an employee because he or she needs to experience each book and make inventories for it to monitor the borrowing details. With the online change, there are programs that generate book ids and library cards for each book, which the users can take a print out of and work in an equivalent style.
  • Easy maintenance: It is easy to maintain such an online index for a librarian and initially, he or she can figure out the date of issue, reissue and submission of books in the library for a specific book or a user. 
  • Everything is computerized: beginning from catalogue maintenance to acquisition of books or materials and everything else is automated through online Library management systems. Users can experience the list of available books, request for hiring, check his or her status of the number of books collected or can be obtained, till the submission of the same-all tasks can be possible with just a click of a button at ease.
  • Ease of error-free data retrieval: One can get extensive data about a book or different records with online Libraries because each information is fed into a central server which recognizes smart cards provided to the users from the librarian. Whenever the user or the librarian inserts his or her card into the machine, every single detail is being displayed which helps them to act according to the present status. 
  • Acquisition and circulation of books become faster and better: The base of any library and thus the librarian can lead the whole procedure of providing suggestions, requesting proposals, demonstrating citations, purchasing, invoice generation, and acquiring of the books with just simple clicks of buttons through a well-designed library management system at ease.
  • Cost reduction: total cost of handling the library is reduced.
  • Cloud-enabled: in cloud computing software, there is no need for any hardware or software updates. 

Features of the top library management system:

The top library management software features are:

library management feature image

  • Bar Code Technology: This software is the one which is able to read the bar codes. This is a superb element to atomize the library totally. This enables tracking of all the materials that are in the library or with the user.
  • Multimedia: All libraries nowadays stock books or print materials as well as different sorts of materials like CDs, DVDs, Audio/Videotapes. This makes it essential for the software to have application highlights for sparing this sort of information.
  • Tracking Data: The library software that enables prints of User IDs is an extraordinary aid. This robotizes the history of every member and furthermore monitors materials issued and returned by the member.
  • Compatibility: The software must be well-suited with a wide range of operating systems and software like Microsoft Office, structured query language (SQL) and Database Management System (DBMS).
  • Access: The software data must be available whenever needed and from any location. It must be easy to utilize and simple to explore. The search alternatives should be brisk and simple.
  • Technology aspect: The software enables better services for the user with the latest technologies used. When a customizable interface is present then there is a possibility of better interaction with the users.
  • Efficiency: It makes the work possible of the library when there is a provision of automatic notifications and alerts. Data entry should be quick and simple with the features provided.

 Potential Issues faced :

  • Security Threats: The security of the data can be a problem due to the virus attack. In addition, necessary security tools have been developed to measure and prevent threats.
  • Downtime of the Server: If the Server goes down at any time, you have no other option but to end your work, which might prove to be a hindrance for you. 
  • Software Dependency: The library staff must add value to their library facilities and not increase dependency on the software. To create an atmosphere for attracting users to the campus facility which is generally not done by the software should be done by the staff members.
  • Data up-to-date: The data should be updated from time to time to avoid discrepancies or errors with the actual item.
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