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QuickBooks is an online accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are focussed mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses. You can create professional GST invoice, track payments, manage vendors and purchases and can generate customised reports.

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Personal finance software consists of processes key to financial planning that requires regular re-evaluation and monitoring. It helps to deal with the credit card and investments, bank accounts as well as your income and expenditure, all in one place on your smartphone or PC. Personal finance software can help you master the basics, become more efficient at managing your money, and even help you discover ways to meet your long-term financial goals. It can be used to track spending, create budgets, and plan for future expenses. Financial Management Software functions work as a dashboard for your money which helps you to track your transactions and alert you when problem arise.
The main modules of personal finance software are:

  • Categorization of income and expenses
  • Financial accounts tracking
  • Synchronization of transactions with credit cards, banks and companies
  • Analysis of investments
  • Creation of financial and tax-related reports

Features of Personal Finance Software:

The most useful personal finance management software will provide you with plenty of user-friendly features so that you can deal with all parts of your accounts. Personal finance software provides the following features:

  • Online Banking: It enables you to automatically download transactions and spends payments from several financial situations as well as automatically categorizing and cleaning up downloaded transactions.
  • Personal Investing: Personal Investment options allow you to plan for retirement, debt relief, oversee collection costs and other financial objectives. Personal finance management software provides you with tools to manage bonds, stocks, mutual fund, etc.
  • Track Spending: The biggest advantage of personal finance software is the capacity to track spending.
  • Reminders: It enables you to set up payment schedules for single or recurring transactions.
  • Balance Forecast: It enables you to forecast on future account balance that is vital in preventing insufficient funds or bankruptcy.
  • Cash Flow Statement: It enables you to automatically update the cash flow statement and facilitates viewing of your historical and future financial activity each month.

Benefits of Personal Finance Software:

  • No late payment: It helps you to avoid interest and fees charged for late payments by helping to schedule reminders for paychecks, fund transfers, bills, and deposits.
  • Easy budget planning: It helps to create a personal budget in an easier way, making it easy to set up and assign budget categories to expenses and income in your accounts.
  • Easy tax time: It helps to easily create your own tax categories which are used when generating tax deduction and estimated tax paid.
  • To know your set goal: The personal finance software show you exactly how close you are to your goal at any time and also be able to receive monthly emails that track your progress and see how your everyday spending decisions affect how much you'll have left over at the end of the month.
  • Track and analyze investments:  Financial software lets you enter or download investment transactions and keep account values updated nearly up-to-the-minute with automatic updates via the internet. It also helps you track your investments, and capital gains reporting.
  • Monitoring credit scores: It helps you to keep track of your entire financial pictures such as payment history, credit scores, and age of credit accounts.

Latest Trends in Personal Finance Software:

The latest trends in personal finance software are:

  • Tag Features: They will enhance transaction reporting and categorization.
  • Good Banking Application: The ability to provide good banking applications for end-clients to provide a seamless multichannel so end users can move effortlessly from one channel to another.
  • Loan Reminder: It will enable you to automatically calculate principal and interest payments.
  • Monthly Comparison: It will enable you to compare the report to report category amounts in a spreadsheets like the view over multiple months.



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