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Best Real Estate software in India in 2019

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

piHappiness is powerful customer feedback and survey software and captures real-time feedback on the go. It is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-location feedback system capturing customer insights via customizable satisfaction surveys.

Suitable For:
Enterprise, Organization, Startups

Astral Real Estate Management System provides end to end solution for Defining Project, Properties, Property booking, Payment Plan, Agreement, Stamp Duty & Registration till final Possession.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Astral construction site tracking system can help you to track your Inventory lying at your site from head office. Head office can manage different site stock on the Real-time basis; the site can issue stock and calculate usage of fuel depending on the criteria.

Suitable For:

eBUILD Construct is complete construction software which includes project costing and financial management solution designed to fit with the way you do business. It is capable of estimating all job costs and managing revenues, as well as effectively carrying out complete financial reporting in a sin

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization

Bhoomi allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company's manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads. Bhoomi Construction Management takes care of entire Construction and Inventory Management Process.

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Startups

RSquare is exclusive real estate software web application & mobile app for real estate agents. RSquare takes real estate brokers from ‘broking’ to ‘consulting’ as brokers now maintain every property and enquiry in a single application, reply to customers on the go & generate leads from multiple sea

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

Smart Realtors is a 21st century online real estate management software solution that revolutionize the way real estate agents work at their offices or home to sell or rent properties. Fully loaded online SaaS based solution available 24x7 – 365 days; combined with extensive list of features to oper

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization

RealERP complete construction ERP software in India, helps you manage your multiple construction projects by giving complete access to its progress. Provides liability to promote swift return on investment and low cost of ownership.

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What is Real-estate software?

Builders and real estate developers are facing problems in meeting the deadlines while delivering a project. Real state software is planned to mitigate such issues by allowing the vendors in managing all aspects of their complex business problems.
The demand for real estate software is increasing very fast with rapid urbanization. Real estate refers to land, as well as physical property or improvements attached to the land, including houses, buildings, fencing, wells, and more.

Furniture, vehicles, paintings, jewellery and boats are instances of personal property rather than real estate. There are various approaches to invest in real estate, ranging from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to purchasing a rental property or multi-family housing. This software is designed pre-project execution planning and during project execution planning, risk management by estimation etc. The basic function of this software is to make project management process easier. The real estate software is offered to large as well as small builders.

Features among best real-estate software:

The best real estate software features are:

  • Managing multiple projects using a single platform.
  • Reducing shareholder risk.
  • Project management.
  • Document management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Reducing risk and increasing productivity
  • Budgeting, cost monitoring and better management of finance
  • Real estate management
  • Customizable as per the business needs
  • Risk management
  • Timeline management
  • Bidding
  • Report management
  • Visibility in business

Real estate concerns with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

  • Real-time integration between financials, materials, developments and advertising.
  • Project management and contractor management
  • Automation and control in procurement and stock management
  • Sharpening focused edge and increasing productivity
  • Manage site selection, administrative approvals, budget and other aspects of business capability

Types of buyers:

  • Single user - The smallest agencies consist of just one realtor, managing multiple properties on their own.
  • Small to midsize agency buyer - These are agencies with multiple realtors and brokers, but no dedicated IT department.
  • Large agency buyer - These are agencies with multiple realtors, brokers and a dedicated IT department.

Benefits of top real-estate software:

The benefits of top real-estate software are:

  • Interaction tracking - These framework document conversations held by phone, face to face, through live chat, email or different channels. Interactions can be logged manually, or automatically with phone and email system integrations. Depending on the product, some systems can also track interactions on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.
  • Workflow automation - This is the standardization of business processes, usually through a combination of task records, schedules, alerts and layouts. For instance, once a task is checked off as complete, the system might automatically set a task for the next step in the process.
  • Reporting - Real estate CRM mechanism can be used to follow real estate agent performance and productivity depending on activities signed in the CRM framework—for example, how many new potential customers are added to the database daily, or revenue generated. These tools can likewise be utilized for estimating and monitoring commissions. Also, timely reporting to the customers who have taken property or done the booking from a builder also improves communication.

Potential issues and Solutions:

Many builders do not want to use real-estate/construction software because there is a lot of black money involved. Normally, they keep two types of software- one is for audit purpose and the other to hide the actual expenses or funds collected from customers in cash. User authority to their staff becomes a challenge as they do not want to disclose the accounts.

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