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Best Spa & salon management software in India in 2019

Suitable For:
Agencies, Enterprise, Organization, Startups

piHappiness is powerful customer feedback and survey software and captures real-time feedback on the go. It is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-location feedback system capturing customer insights via customizable satisfaction surveys.

Suitable For:
Enterprise, Organization, Personal, Startups

Logic Spa & Salon software application is a highly advanced system designed specifically to manage your spa, salon and gym. It is being used by single retail outlet to multiple- site chain or franchisee with hundreds of employees.

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What is a Spa and Salon Software?

Spa and Salon management software helps in managing daily tasks of salon business in a simplified manner. All the manual tasking fades away with the emergence of the spa and salon software. This management software keeps track of employee salaries, inventory and customer data along with billing. Spa and Salon software is designed specifically to make efficient and optimize the management of salon business. 

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Salon management software simplifies the task of managing a salon and makes the task of owners much stress-free. The Spa and Salon Software helps in convenient booking, managing appointment, easy and fast payment methods, Email/SMS marketing, inventory management, advanced POS, employee management, customer relationship management, advanced reporting & analytics and many more. Customers are informed of their appointments through E-mail/SMS which is a feature of spa and salon software.

As the entire software can be operated online, the entire data that you enter in this software is stored in the cloud. If you have a website or opt for any other digital marketing service, then you can integrate with the software and it will provide an easy booking for your clients. The best Spa and salon software manages the order management software. Nowadays, IVR service is widely used in every industry and in every organization and this helps in automated communication, interaction with the customers, gathering data from the callers, recording the information and routing it to relevant receivers. And this technology moves your business phone system to the cloud known to be as Cloud Telephony.

The best thing about the spa and salon software is that it lessens the prerequisite physical work. As the organization use salon software to finish all the significant errands, the staff of these spots can focus on giving better services to their clients. 

Features among the best spa and salon software:

The best spa and salon software features are:

  • Online Booking Management- This is certainly the most significant component for any spa based business software as it gives your first-time and returning clients with a simple instrument to book their appointments. Your profitable customers can likewise pick a staff individual from their decision and make the instalment to accelerate the on-location process – accordingly improving time and convenience.
  • Staff Management- Dealing with the schedule and day by day arrangement schedule of the staff is positively not a simple assignment, however, most spa and salon software can deal with it decisively. It furnishes staff with a depiction of the clients they will work with and updates their schedule to ensure shifts are overseen in a streamlined way. 
  • Marketing Automation- Spa software can change the advertising business by incorporating social records and monitoring business created through social channels. It can oversee email arrangements of past clients and draw in new target groups of onlookers through coupons, unique offers, arrangements and gift vouchers – ensuring that the business figures continue rising high constantly. 
  • Customer Relationship Management - A standout amongst the best highlights of spa software is its Customer relationship management that makes a databank of client chronicles, for example, past buys, contact data, demographic details and treatment inclinations. It can likewise use client data to make a more modified and customized understanding for the customers – ensuring that they stay content with extraordinary service standards. 
  • Point-Of-Sale - Spa software have various advanced POS that make exchanges advantageous for clients as instalments can be prepared both physically at the area and online moreover. It likewise acknowledges huge sorts of instalment techniques from clients – subsequently making it a basic and easy to understand the strategy for them.

Types of Buyers:

  • Salon Management Software for Small Businesses: The small spa and salon associations work on individual limits and nearly have five or fewer representatives. For such organizations, the booking and scheduling the client arrangements is a major hustle and having the salon scheduling software with salon software that mainly focuses on appointment management is sufficient.
  • Salon Management Software for Medium Sized Businesses: As the business begins developing it becomes mandatory for the business to take a hold on the clients and their information. The client information is significant for marketing and gives client driven customized benefits as well.
  • Salon Management Software for Large Enterprises: In large enterprises, there are such a large number of prerequisites that must be satisfied by the salon software system and it becomes important for the organization to invest in the software that provides all the features. The cloud-based particular salon software arrangements are ideal for this sort of associations.

Advantages of the most used spa and salon software:

The advantage of most used spa and salon software are:

  • Convenient Customer Booking 
  • Huge Reduction in Scheduling Mistakes
  • High Customer Engagement 
  • Keep Track and Bond With Repeat Customers 
  • Holistic Understanding of Overall Business Performance

Market Trends Followed:

As you evaluate the best Spa and Salon Management software packages, consider these current market trends:

  • Process Automation - Automation helps to maintain effective and efficient marketing to your business. It also provides customer ease of access and saves time.
  • Cloud-based software - Most of the salons have started using cloud services to store the data and information. This has made it possible for them to access the data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Mobile App - Clients are turning to their mobile devices to reach the specifics of the salon. So the mobile app must be there. Mobile applications are gaining popularity across the board, and salon management is no exception. Clients can book their slots from home.

Some tips while purchasing Spa and salon software:

Research all the software that is offered by the vendor to make sure that you get the best deal and additionally, please check on the various payment options and invest in the best spa and salon software. Prepare a comprehensive checklist of what objectives the new spa management software needs to attain. This will help you to make the right choice for your business. Get the software reviews from your friends to get a better idea about the software. Take the vendor demos of each software so that you can compare and pick the best salon software for your business. Not all the salon software works in a similar way. You need to understand the basic requirement of your organization and search for the software you need. Most of the software provides a customization option. Check this feature before buying the salon software. Buy the software which is reliable and easy to operate.

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