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We are a portal to help you provide assured leads, from businesses and locations which you have either not reached and not penetrated deeply. Lead generation is an expensive affair and we know you want to focus on your product and service more.

Our network, dedicated teams, digital marketing tools, market intelligence and many leadfriends help generate verified leads who not only just provide you contact details, rather than note most details of customer technical needs, so that you chose whether to work on that lead or not. We are very professional in customer follow ups, arranging a demo and are fully transparent with all our stakeholders. Customer thus trusts us as a portal for right advice to their software and services needs.

What is this bazaar software VENDOR program?

We know, you have a wonderful product which deserves attention by many of the businesses.

  • We list your company, product and its variants in a particular software category.
  • We provide you verified leads which is best match your software offerings. You pay for workable leads only.
  • We help your brand rank up in search by real time ratings, featured plans, advertisements posted on our homepage, category page, drive traffic to your website.
  • We validate your software and include in our blogs, provide you medals/accreditations which you may post in your website.
  • We provide consultancy to make your marketing vibrant, provide competition insights and market trend reports

Why Choose Us?

FREE registration! As a welcome offer, we are listing your company and products (any number) at no charges.

FAST SERVICE! We give leads as soon as we verify it & We are just a call away to help you.

FREE Branding ! We shall post your ads on our home/category and blog pages so that more and more landing happens on your website.

Grow your business with our VENDOR panel !

( dedicated panel for you, support from our consultant)

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  1. You can be an established software company having an established brand.
  • But,customers want right product and service and brand loyalty is a challenge, especially from new generation of users who look for choices.
  • Getting registered with us lets you featured on our pages, your positive reviews will help you ranked up in the searches.
  1. You can be a new brand which needs visibility.
  • Spending a lot on marketing can be difficult and getting customer’s mind share while chosing softwares can be challenging as establishing a track record will take time.
  • We are here to help you as your positive reviews can help you rank neck to neck with established brands and you can opt to get featured too.


We specialize into Hospital software and mostly our market had been West India. We wanted to expand without spending much on marketing. Thanks to a reliable portal like, we already have customers in East India and even could connect to few probable dealers.


(Pace Soft Ronix software)

Our niche is into Department store , FMCG softwares. With the growth in this market segment, we wanted to reach tier 2 stores and looking for agents. But they were charging high commissions and even not giving good leads. We registered with bazaarsoftware and now we get leads a low costs.


( Reckon Sales Pvt ltd )

Our Registered Vendors