Welcome to PARTNER Program

By Bazaar Software Program

This program specially designed for the needs of software dealers/distributors/franchise owners/partners etc of Branded Softwares.. We are a portal to help you provide verified leads, from businesses and locations which you have either not reached and not penetrated deeply. Our network, dedicated teams, digital marketing tools, market intelligence and many leadfriends help generate verified leads who not only just provide you contact details, rather than note most details of customer technical needs, so that you chose whether to work on that lead or not.

Also, you can upload the leads which are of no use to you . We give you opportunity to earn from this non-useful leads also. We call it ‘EARN from WASTE’. Just upload leads which you acted upon but left because did not met your offerings, customer in a location where you cannot reach, which are not useful for your business, on your panel and start earning one we verify them.

What is this bazaar software PARTNER program?

We understand that you are a software dealer have targets to achieve and just being dependent on company provided leads or your sales staff is not enough. Thus we help you with these.

  • LISTING - list your company profile and the range of products- category wise in our panel.
  • LEADS - We provide you Verified leads whenever requirement from customer matches your product profile, your area of operation etc.
  • EXTRA REWARDS –For the inquiries, which you cannot serve, due to reasons like- technical, other location, budget etc . Please upload on your panel and you can earn cash points. These cash points can be used to purchase leads.

Why Choose Us?

Verified lead with detailed customer requirements as per the category(ies) of software your have chosen. No junk leads.

Assured reward for any software or service lead you provide- The moment a lead given by you gets verified by us , the reward is credited to your wallet. Subsequent rewards are also credited as per further verifications of demo done and sales conversion ( by customer and vendor both).

Prompt service by our customer care- for any query, we are just a call away to help you. We help you too in given right advices to your leads ( if they look upto you for a suggestion).

Earn more by taking/giving leads on our Partner panel !

(dedicated panel for you, support from our consultant)



Shared Leads


You can be a software dealer/distributor/franchise owner/partner etc of one or many branded softwares. You may be having branch offices in 1 city or multiple cities. You could be serving customers even outside the radar of your office through online support or SAAS based model. You can be a sub dealer to the master dealer or sub-franchise of any distributor. Even if you are working as sales and service provider in an informal way in your area, this the highly rewarding panel for you to join.


We were always struggling to get good leads from the market. The company leads were not enough and local agents were not dependable and asked huge commission.Thanks to the idea of Bazaar software, we are now able to achieve targets.

Max Digital Solutions

( Dealer of accounting , School and Hospital softwares)

– We use to spend a lot in our marketing and our marketing staff out of pressure, use to give many junk leads which was a waste cost to us. Now we get verified leads from bazaar software. Also the non- useful leads to us give us money . This is gr8.

Shreya Softwares

( dealer of payroll, e-commerce, manufacturing software)

The point system is wonderful. As I am the owner, I buy points and my staff use it to buy verified leads even in my absence. Now that I have uploaded many verified leads on my dealer panel and accumulated many points, I almost get my purchased leads for free.

Nex Gen tech

(Dealer of cloud based billing software)