Mobile App Devlopment

What is a Mobile App

A mobile application(commonly referred to as an app) is a software programm designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Mobile Apps, unlike computer programs, are small and designed to handle a specific task rather than multiple tasks which a computer application is expected to perform. Mobile apps are mostly customer-centric or more specifically for the end user.

Buyers guide to mobile app

Why do you need a Mobile App

There are many functionalities that require data from GPS or camera of a mobile device, for example. This data is essential for the right interaction with customers or users. In such a scenario a mobile app is required. However, if there is no such interaction, one should ask twice as to whether a mobile app is required. There are many scenarios in which a mobile compatible site, commonly termed as the mobile site meets all the requirements and one should not go for mobile app. Often, developing a mobile compatible site is far more economical, quicker and easier than a full-blown mobile app. For Start-ups popularizing a mobile app is far more difficult than a mobile site. This is because optimizing one URL for search engines(SEO) is easier than multiple sites and apps for different devices.

Types of Mobile App

Mobile apps are classified by the way it is built and intended to perform. It is basically classified into two types. Each type has its own pros and cons and one should be judicious while finalizing which one is suitable for him.

  1. Native App: Native apps are platform specific and will run only on the targeted platform. If you want it to be deployed across several platforms, it is generally developed individually for each platform. For example, if you want your app to run on both iOS and Android it has to be developed twice. However these days there are certain frameworks(e.g Flutter of Google) which considerably reduces the effort of developing the app twice. Technically, an android based apps are developed using Android SDK which requires java based coding and iOS-based apps are developed using objective C. Native apps require approval from app store they are intended for and hence it has to built in a very secure way.


  1. Since it is platform specific, it is usually very fast as compared to its Hybrid counterpart.
  2. It can perform more tasks than its hybrid counterpart as it works with mobile built-in features like GPS, camera, microphone etc.


  1.  It costs more to deploy and maintain as you have to do it for each platform.
  2.  Since native apps require approval from the app store, it is generally a tedious and time taking tasks for developer.

   2. Hybrid App:  Hybrid apps are platform independent and run on the browser engine. It has to be developed once and can be deployed across all platforms. Hybrid apps are basically web views converted to the mobile app and have access to device hardware such as camera or GPS. Technically. HTML, CSS and Javascript are used to make a hybrid app. Hybrid apps have been possible because of third party tools which are not part if official iOS or Android platforms. Example of such tools are Apache Cordova, Xamarin, PhoneGap and ionic etc.


  1.  Since it is platform independent it is faster and less tedious to deploy across various platforms
  2.  It is cheaper to deploy and maintain hybrid apps


     1. Its performance is compromised when compared to its native counterpart.

Which type should you prefer?


 Having known the Pros and cons of each type of mobile app, it becomes really easy to decide which one should you prefer. If your application requires speed and performance, you should go for native. If you want to make a dynamic app like a booking app or an e-commerce app, go for a hybrid app. 

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