Bulk SMS

SMS marketing remains a powerful tool especially for promoting a local business. It allows marketer to directly pop up on mobile devices of customers without having any any app installed. As compared to email, SMS are more likely to be read by the users. Most online marketers think that SMS marketing is not very effective as it is the most regulated one. However, this is far from truth. The fact that people are hooked to their mobile devices all the time, makes SMS marketing a very powerful tool when properly capitalized.The likelihood of getting your message to the intended target is vastly higher than with email, PPC, organic, or social.   Moreover many SMS packages provide you with the complete analytics on how the user interacted with the sms so sent. 

However when we talk about bulk SMS, there are two types of it. 

  1. Transactional SMS: These sms are not meant for promotion of any products or services but are rather meant for providing some piece of information relevant to the user. These sms can be sent to any user, even if he or she has opted for "DO NOT DISTURB" or more commonly DND. Character limit in India for one sms is 160 characters. 
  2. Promotional SMS: These sms are meant specially for promoting some product or services. The message sent through this route does not reach people who have opted for DND.

These sms are sent with the help of an online admin panel provided by the service providers. There are various reports available in the panel  which gives a thorough analytics of the campaign like how many sms actually reached to the target and how many of them actually got read.Most of these service providers also provide APIs for integrating it with your own CRM or software.

It is important for the service buyers that they choose a vendor which has a good reputation in this domain or else your service may be compromised and it may not yield the intended result. 

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