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Software is a set of command, instructions, programs or data that is used to operate computers and execute a specific task. While working with computer systems, users might use various hardware devices like monitor, mouse, keyboards, printers, etc. There be should be some specified instructions or programs to use all these devices. These programs constitute the software.
Basically, the software is a program designed to make use of various devices on the computer.
Generally, there are two categories of software:
Ready-made software: Ready-made software is the software that is developed for general purpose. This means that the software is ready-made. It is not made for a specific user but for users in general. In ready-made software, it is not mandatory that all the modules of the software are useful for every client. According to the report, 90% of the population uses ready-made software.

    • It is appropriate for small business firms.
    • It is available easily.
    • It is less expensive.
    • No special training is required and it is user-friendly.


    • Basic knowledge of computer is required
    • Installation problems.

Customized software: Customised software is the tailored software that is developed for any business or organization or for a single entity or specific user. Custom software is made for a single user and meets the user’s expectation, which may not be done in case of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software. Customized software development is considered to be expensive as compared to off-the-shelf products. It is software that is used to develop for the specific requirement of the customer. Custom software makes the business more efficient and effective than off-the-shelf software.

    • It is appropriate for medium and large firms.
    • All the transactions are done in a systematic manner.
    • It is customized according to the needs.
    • It is Reliable.


    • Special training is required in handling these types of software.
    • It is costly as compared to ready-made software.
    • A problem arises with the use of outdated software

Why do you need customized software?

Ready-made software is very common in nature. It performs a limited task, regardless of the business. The reasons why your business needs customized software are:

  • Multiple software is used to attain one task: One software is used for sales, one for shipping, and another for billing and invoicing and likewise. If you use only one software application that does all the tasks then it is more reliable as you get multiple modules at one place.
  • The task is done manually: Repetitive tasks like invoicing, payroll, and inventory are examples of manual tasks that are done on a regular basis. The repetitive task is not error-proof. A single extra keystroke can cause multiple problems.
  • No software scalability: Nowadays, businesses and organizations are flexible. Business can expand or contract throughout its lifespan. It is not certain. So, the software that is not scalable, cannot meet the demands is not efficient for your business.
  • Search and test mode: There are a lot of options in the market related to software that can perform specific tasks. We never stop searching. In some software, you need only a few features and some software are complex that you will never use. At that time, you require customized software that can accomplish a whole business solution.
  • Multiple locations- Many businesses operate in more than one location and they need to access and update the information at all places. Off-the-shelf software makes the communication complex between these locations than usual.

Challenges of Customized Software:

Custom software development is certainly good and many companies are seeking custom software to drive growth. But, the actual process of creating custom software sometimes become the biggest challenge in itself. That’s why it is important to overcome that problem on time.
The top challenge is as follows:

  • Issues with upgradation of software.
  • Customization can complicate support capabilities from the solution provider.
  • Sometimes it is not possible for the users to maintain the code or re-write code within existing software.
  • Sometimes security is also a big issue in customized software.
  • Interaction with the other system is also a challenge as to how the software will interact with another system is also important.

Which type you should prefer?

Having known the advantages and limitations of each type, it is easy to decide which one you should prefer. If you want it for small firms than go for ready-made software and if you want it for medium or large firms than go for customized software.

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