SEO refers to the search engine optimization that increases the quality and amount of the website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to the users of a search engine. Search engine optimization alludes to the improvement of unpaid outcomes known as natural or organic results and avoids the purchase of paid placement. SEO may target various types of searches, including picture search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-explicit vertical search engines. In layman’s language, SEO is based on keywords and key to the good SEO is to find the suitable words when a user searches on a search bar while looking for any website.

Optimizing a website includes editing its content, adding content, modifying HTML, and related coding to both increments its relevance to specific keywords. Promoting a site to raise the number of backlinks, or inbound links is another Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

As an Internet marketing tactics, SEO thinks about how web crawlers work, the PC programmed algorithms which manage web search tool conduct, what individuals look for, keyword typed into search engines, and which web crawlers are favored by their targeted audience. Search Engine Optimization is performed because the site will get more visitors from a web crawler the higher the website rank in the search engine results page (SERP). These visitors would then be able to be changed over into clients or customers. According to research, 57% of B2B Marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing strategy.

The top challenges that you can face in the process of SEO are:

  • Write high-quality content
  • Writing a strong product description
  • Managing user reviews
  • Video content
  • Use the trending User Interface (UI)
  • High standards in User Experience (UX)
  • Understand your audience attention
  • Unexpected ranking drops
  • Staying up to date
  • Balancing client load and task load
  • Prioritizing vanity metrics over leads & sales
  • Choosing the right tools

The top SEO tools used by a company to grow a business.

If you have solved these challenges of SEO to getting traffic then that’s impressive and it is good for your website.

White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO-

White hat SEO refers to the most legitimate practices adhered by the marketers to gain higher rankings in the search engine result page. The white SEO practices strictly abide by Google’s guidelines for SEO. It follows Google’s algorithms and does not aim at misusing the loopholes in the same. It published the quality content on the website, HTML Optimization, and restructuring of the website. Whereas Black hat SEO aims at finding weaknesses and loopholes in Google’s algorithm in order to rank higher in the SERP. This is against the guidelines provided by Google and overall Google’s algorithm. And thus, Black hat SEO is considered to be illegitimate. This technique includes spam links, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links. This aims at misleading the users and redirecting to the other sites.
Apart from Black hat SEO and white hat SEO there exist a Grey hat SEO that includes bits of both the hat SEO. The grey hat SEO came into practice because of the pressure from the clients to receive results they have been paying for.

Types of SEO:

There are two types of SEO:

  • On page SEO: It refers to the activities that are carried out on the page that is to be published. The On-page SEO refers to the keywords infusing in the right amount, adding internal links, meta tags, meta description, alt attributes, H tags, customized URL, SEO image and providing users with quality content, etc.
  • Off-page SEO: It refers to the activities performed on a page after it goes live on the web. The off-page SEO includes sharing of posts, commenting on the post, liking the post on social media, giving ratings to the post, answering the queries of the customers, look out for what the user is looking for, develop a personal touch with the target audience, etc.

Generally, SEO can take several weeks to start seeing a rise in organic rankings. Where if immediate results are required, then it is advisable to use AdWords or similar. For highly competitive keywords, getting to the top of Google can take months, and in some cases over a year depending on the budget, competitiveness of the keyword and the quality of content on the target website.
You can continue your ranking at the top position but you have to follow up some important variables that could help you to achieve and continue your position in SEO.

Top 10 important variables that you can consider for a high returns SEO and could save your current position in ranking such as:

  • Relevant Keywords

    The keyword is the most important element in SEO but what if your keywords are not related to your topic. If your keywords are not relevant to your topic then you will not get the positive SEO. For high returns use the relevant keywords.

  • The relevance of your content to keywords

    In SEO, keywords should be relevant but your content also should be relevant to your keyword. In other words, your content should be related to the keywords that you are using in your content.
    The age of your domain and website
    SEO takes time, if you want high returns for your website then you have to wait for the right time. The popularity of any website depends on good content, relevant keywords, user interface, etc. along with the age of your domain and website.

  • The trending website design

    You created a website but you have the old and outdated design which will impact you a bad reputation in SEO. So apply the trending designs in your website which can build your on-page

  • SEO effectively.

    The amount of time the average user stays on the site
    Making a website with trending design, good content with relevant keywords is not enough. For traffic increase, you need to analyze how much time your users stay on your site. There are many tools you can use to analyze your site and according to your analyzed data, you can improve your website to get more users.

  • Your geographic location

    Most users feel comfortable in dealing with businesses which are located within the same geographical location. Because of face to face interaction and the comfort of the local area.

  • Your competition

    It is a process of evaluating how to rank top and beat your competitors. Competitive analysis is important to identify your competitors, who and how they are ranking top and explore what you can do about it.
    Your reactions to new trends
    In this digital age, most of the businesses are using the latest technologies. Trending things can be a profitable factor for your business whether it is about your customer or high return SEO. So it is important to have a positive reaction towards new trends.
    The perceived level of quality in the content
    Content is king for a website in terms of high return SEO but do you have the ability to perceive the level of quality of the content. Your content should be with high return keywords and good quality of words and sentences.
    How quickly you implement recommended changes
    Changes can be the most important factor for anything if the change is for good cause. you will get many opportunities where you have to change things according to the requirements But, it is most important how quickly you are responding and implementing the recommended changes to those requirements.

However, there are always winners and losers in SEO. For every site, if someone gains traffic then another loses traffic. It takes time to research your market and industry. Moreover, it performs the necessary analyses and takes time to produce quality content. So, these variables could impact the length of time but it does not guarantee anything that will give you the high traffic or high returns. It depends on how you are using these variables creatively and effectively.


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